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Police Shootings and the Media Bias
December 7, 2016
Take a good look around you, go through the majority of mainstream newspapers, and watch the most prolific news channels. What do you see? You’ll see news of co
Tiger Woods will be Tiger Woods, No Matter What
December 3, 2016
Remember when we talked about LeBron James, and how people compare him with Jordan and Kobe? This time, we will talk about the Golf Mogul Tiger Woods. But befor...
Donald Trump: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
December 2, 2016
Donald Trump: the name either makes you cringe, laugh, or make you feel short of words. But you can’t ignore the fact that he has become the 45th POTUS. And the
We Need More People like LeBron James, and Not Just in Sports
December 2, 2016
What do you think about Michael Jordan? He’s a legend, you’d say. And what about Kobe, what do you think about him? O yeah, he is the greatest player of all tim

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