We Need More People like LeBron James, and Not Just in Sports

We Need More People like LeBron James, and Not Just in Sports

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What do you think about Michael Jordan? He’s a legend, you’d say. And what about Kobe, what do you think about him? O yeah, he is the greatest player of all times you’d say. And then, you’ve got LeBron James, (6 feet 7 inches) tall Power forward/ Small Forwards from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron James, the man who likes to be called The King, the man who stopped wearing his signature headband because he wanted to look like his teammates, to be one of them. Sports Illustrated called him the sportsperson of the year. His fans are happy, he is super happy, but there are those who see it from another point of view.

There are many basketball fans who say he is not as great as Jordan, as Kobe, or as any other legend we can name. But that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Why do we want to compare two individuals? What makes a person less of a legend than the other one?

There are leaders who tell you to do things, and there are leaders who lead the way, take charge of a challenging situation, and turn it around. You don’t need to ask us which one’s the LeBron kind.  Here is what Richard Jefferson; the Cleveland Cavaliers Small forward has to say about James:

“I don’t care if you’re a LeBron ‘fan,’ or not, I have seen it: Bron has something I’ve never seen. The way he says ‘Follow me and I’ll take you there’ with actions, more than words, is like no one else I’ve ever played with. He’s the kind of leader who makes you want to carry the weight, too. I feel indebted to him. We all do.”

Isn’t it the exact trait, the exact quality that we look for in our leaders, and not just in sports? One look at LeBron, and you know his determination is audacious, his goals unfathomable and his vision downright crazy. But it’s his skills, his presence, his self-confidence and his trust in his team that makes him the true definition of a leader. He doesn’t need to be great like Jordan, Kobe, O’Neal or Jabbar; he is great in his own way.

In boxing, we have Holyfield, Tyson, Ali, Sugar Ray, and many other legends. Did we ever wonder who is the greatest of them all? Wouldn’t comparing the legends an insult to the game?

Players like LeBron James are not found every other day. They are a rare find because these gems are hard to find because they aren’t born every day.

LeBron’s military-like approach that he brought with him from Miami Heat enabled him to inculcate values like discipline, punctuality, focus and accountability in his teammates. If we have such people in charge of the leading positions in the world, whether it is the politics, business organizations, or any other aspect of life, things would be so much better. Don’t you think?

Blue Dot

Blue Dot


Living in the United States of America, you quickly come to the understanding that there’s nothing united about it. The fact that we are a country divided doesn’t surprise me and it shouldn’t surprise anyone else.

You have to understand the history of humanity and the birth of a nation known as America. The country’s foundation was built on scoundrels denounced from their original lands that set sail west across the water. They docked their ships on American soil, a dinner masqueraded as a genocide titled Thanksgiving happened and slavery wasn’t too far from around the corner. That eventually evolved into a new form of segregation we now know as economics. The lower and middle class citizens of America are the current slaves.

Sure there are countries without food, water, electricity and other resources. But how are we the most powerful country in the world and still see people as colors from a Crayola box? In America you can’t just be an American. You have to be affiliated with a crowd. You have to be a Black American… White American… Brown American… Indian American… Latino American… Asian American… African American… Middle-Eastern American… Or called a Minority. Which has been the new politically correct term of calling someone of color a non-racial epithet. But when you take your labeled… #hashtagged ass across the Atlantic or the Pacific oceans, people from foreign lands tend to see you as an ignorant entitled American.

As far as united, we only come together for the Olympics, police shootings or wartime. History books explain to us that most wars were ignited by religious indifferences with a splash of ambition to take the lands’ natural resources. Although God inspired the origins of most religions, it was created and controlled by man. Most to all religions were established based on opinions and observations on being the “chosen race” and how the rest of humanity should live and believe.

Religion is just another form of prejudices people formed to control, belittle or fight with other groups of people that may have different perspectives of the world. Understand this analogy is not to denounce your belief in God, Allah, the higher power, universe or whatever you feel is an appropriate title. You cannot look at the mountains, sun, the oceans, moon; the stars sprinkled in the sky at night and tell me there is no God.

To sum up this deposition, I’ve personally never met anyone that died, came back and spoke on how it was in the afterlife. If any of us did, they’d probably advise us to be a little more conscious of the actions taken in this life because we all will be accounted for them. Because at the end of the day, we are all ignorant human beings… standing on lands none of us own to which from afar we’re only a tiny, small blue dot floating in a gigantic mystic universe.