Arrogant View is a film production company that produces thought-provoking, high-quality Web Series, TV Series, or Feature Films. The genres of these productions range from gritty dramas to witty dark comedies, to enlightening documentaries of socially relevant topics all in the pursuit of happiness.

Each project has a specifically designed blueprint that breaks down the strategy of the story, production plan, goal and cost. There are four different divisions of our company:

  • Development: During this stage, we create the content and package it (i.e. attach actors, key production personnel, and other talents). The initial marketing campaign is planned and prepped for launch.
  • Preproduction: During this period (the eight weeks prior to the start of production), the company will open a production office, hire all crew, engage a locations scout, secure the locations where filming will occur, secure rentals for camera and lighting packages, prepare shooting schedules, etc. At this time, all actors will be cast and finalized. Press releases are prepped and media contact lists are finalized.
  • Production: The production period is the principal photography phase. After this time, all of the scenes for the show will be completed or “in the can.” Press releases are sent out at the beginning of the production phase. At the end of principal photography, we launch the online marketing campaign.
  • Postproduction: During the postproduction period (approximately two months), the producers and editors will select the best “takes” of the various scenes and edit those takes into assembly of the entire season.

We specialize in conceptualizing ideas from development to post-production. We provide script to screen production services using the modern equipment and technology in addition to the finest talent to produce high-quality video productions at very competitive rates.

Writing is the most vital part of any successful production process, as the treatment provides an outline to the visual story.We develop well-written scripts that produce close collaboration, creativity, provides structure and organization to storytelling.