Ricardo Perez – is Head of Post Production department for Arrogant View Productions in Los Angeles. In this position he is responsible for editing comedy and drama projects. Ricardo has 6 plus professional years in the film & television industry. While that has been the main focus of business he is very passionate about all the Arts. He truly believes Art and Creativity has the power to change an individual’s life, and the world at large. His journey Ribegan, as a native of Puerto Rico, having been raised in a military family, became a citizen of the world before attending The Los Angeles Film School. Since graduating in 2012, He’s had the opportunity to work with a variety of unique and talented directors, cinematographers, producers, writers, and other storytellers in Hollywood. He quotes “I take pride in the work that I do and enjoy immersing myself in all aspects of the creative process.  I look forward to any opportunity to work with anyone who feels as I do: that Art has the ability to unite, and transcend all barriers. “