We welcome all script projects. In order to break the rules of writing a film, you have to first understand them. All writers, even the very best, can’t see the faults in their own scripts after rewriting them over and over again. Sometimes it takes a very trained and talented outside eye to bring a fresh perspective and solutions. Other script consultants in Los Angeles aren’t writers, so of course, they can’t give you creative solutions to all your script’s problems, let alone help you with your dialogue. The last thing you need is someone who can’t write telling you how to do it.

We have the skills, knowledge and experience to provide direction to your script. We provide direction from the title, the act structure, beats, character development, proper scene setups, scene headings, actions, the rhythm of the dialogue, creating a montage, setting up teasers and many other elements when it comes to screenwriting.

Script Evaluation $200

Best script consulting services includes a look at the style, content, dramatic effectiveness and commercial potential of your screenplay, script or play, offering an overview of any work you should undertake to get it ready for submission. If you don’t know whether you have any real talent for writing plays, scripts or screenplays, this is a good place to start. It also offers some clear suggestions on what, if anything, you should do to improve your work. It will give you the tools to rewrite and restructure your work and get your writing to a more professional level.

Script Treatment Evaluation

In order to have a great script, you need a great foundation. That great foundation comes from a treatment. A treatment is a business plan that is designed for a web series, TV series and feature film projects. Not only do we create treatments, we will also review yours in order to give your film the best storytelling potential.

  • Up to 10 pages: $40 a page
  • Up to 20 pages: $35 a page
  • For Treatments over 20 pages: $30 a page

Script Overview with Script Notes $700

Includes written notations on the actual script. Notes include suggestions for scenes that should be cut or condensed, sharper dialogue that would be clearer, and possible character changes to enhance the storyline.

Script Integration $1300

In some case, producers and writers need to integrate two different drafts, choosing the best scenes of both scripts. It’s difficult to see the forest for the trees when integrating both scripts. Our script consulting services include cutting, pasting and, if necessary, re-structuring the whole entire script.


Script Breakdown $2500

This service includes up to 20 pages of conceptual notes, a graphic analysis of the entire script, and a page-by-page story analysis.

SUBMIT YOUR SCRIPT: To submit a script, send a hard copy of the script with a cashiers check or money order and return stamped envelope. Make payment out to “Arrogant View Productions, LLC” and mail to: 128 West 11th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80204. Clients may also pay by wire transfer (Add a $35 bank fee for wire transfers) or PayPal (Add 4% of the total fee to cover Paypal fees. Account email is Please add $20.00 for printing fees if you want us to print out the script.